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I am very committed to ensuring our customers have the best experience possible in finding the right home for their family's needs. I have 15+ years experience in the industry and strive daily to get better and fine tune the process to make home ownership as stress free as possible. I look forward to helping each customer "open a door to better life, one home at a time". It's time to improve your quality of life by improving your quality of housing.

Home Listing


HomeID: SU8408-0154

2128 sq.ft.
4 Beds • 2 Baths

Absolute, pure adrenaline Dude and Dudettes. Imagine, look'n for the perfect wave on your ride'n vacuum cleaner, which you'll need to cover this massive footprint of over 2000 sq ft. • As you cruise past the expansive island be sure to wave at family and friends and enjoy The Island Life!!! You deserve it...


HomeID: W28384-0154

2048 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths

Don't miss out on this luxurious Kitchen with granite and Master bath ceramic tile shower!!! • BOOM!!! • Oh did you say Barn Doors? Moooooo!!!!!!!!!

The Willow

HomeID: OA9669-0154

1680 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths

Big time drywall just like site built. Texas windstorm Modular, No Problem. Inside the City, No Problem. Residential building code, No Problem. • And with the Huge Savings on this promotional price, No problem!!!


HomeID: SU8733-0154

1680 sq.ft.
4 Beds • 2 Baths

"Sun tan toes, ticklin' the sand, cold drink chillin in your right hand" Man Kenny Chesney gits it don't he? We tried to order this home with sand throughout the livin room to really give it that layed back feel but our factory said no way. Bummer • "All day long, just taking it easy, laying in a hammock, where it's nice and breezy". It just keeps gett'n better and better and so do the Awesome upgrades everywhere. • Including stainless steel appliances,upgrade energy everything and windzone 2 to ease you through those breezy summer days. Thank you Kenny!!!


HomeID: W29071-0154

1680 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths


HomeID: SU8362-0154

1568 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths

Welcome to Clayton Home's newest stunner. This home is gourgemous, from the huge windows to the luxurious spa- refresh Master bath. • From the farmhouse sink to the barn door pantry. Heck, we will even throw in groceries!!! Just ask.


HomeID: W12183-0154

1216 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths

"No shoes, no shirt, no problem." Ahhh!!! The Island Life is the Life and with 1,440 sq. inches of island in this breathtaking kitchen, you too can live the Island Life. • Oh, and did we mention it is Energy Smart and Wind Zone 2 to protect you from the elements? Just mak'n sure.


HomeID: W12577-0154

1216 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths

Ok, this is how we roll. You come in and say, "I want all upgrades to be included" and we say "yes Sir and yes Ma'am". • Then just for grins, you say "I also want big rebates and incentives" and we say "done"!!! • Then it happens, you say "Shut The Front Door". That's what were talk'n about...