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Home for Sale: THE SUNDOWNER

1680 Sq.Ft. 4  Beds 2  Baths $97,127 $81,448

HomeID: SU8733-0154

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Home features include:

THE SUNDOWNER 4 bedroom, 2  bathroom home is available for immediate purchase.

  • "Sun tan toes, ticklin' the sand, cold drink chillin in your right hand" Man Kenny Chesney gits it don't he? We tried to order this home with sand throughout the livin room to really give it that layed back feel but our factory said no way. Bummer
  • "All day long, just taking it easy, laying in a hammock, where it's nice and breezy". It just keeps gett'n better and better and so do the Awesome upgrades everywhere.
  • Including stainless steel appliances,upgrade energy everything and windzone 2 to ease you through those breezy summer days. Thank you Kenny!!!

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